Transparency opens up different perspectives around the experience of being working class and trans, increasing understanding of what many trans male people go through that is often not understood. We hear from characters with different views, and see how that impacts Jack close up.

Watching this together as an organisation or community opens up a more empathic and honest space to talk about gender and inclusion. Together with the workshop structure we offer it supports groups to explore these issues together. This is an excellent next step for parents, teachers, health professionals, decision makers, organisations, businesses and community groups who are committed to trans inclusion and want to move towards that together.

This is now available as an online package including the filmed performance, a recording of a panel discussion, and suggestions for a tailored workshop format to support you to explore some of the topics raised and suggestions for a guided discussion. Depending on the context, this may lead to your group or individual deciding on some actions or simply be the start of a conversation.

We offer this on a sliding scale depending on the needs and resources of the group. We also occasionally offer online or in person sessions with groups who have watched the film and want to go further in exploring trans inclusion and solidarity (depending on availability).

Some groups we have already worked alongside include Women’s Supper Club (Rochdale), Equity Partnership (Bradford), Brunswick Centre (Calderdale) and The Men’s Room (Manchester).

If you would like to know more, and to discuss options and costs, please get in touch.