***** “An emotive solo performance packed with passion and playfulness. Jaden Adams is a star of the stage!”North West End UK

**** “Moving, funny and genuinely insightful.” – Northern Soul

**** “A wonderful performer. Poignant and warm.” – LouReviews

A masterful exploration of the human spirit.” – Canal St Media

“Absolutely wonderful performance. Heart warming, funny, emotional and beautifully acted. Watching this makes any notion of a ‘debate’ disappear, simply a human trying to find their happiness.” – Alicia, Salford Arts Theatre

“OUTSTANDING debut performance! Every perspective portrayed with such love and compassion. Answers so many questions people would have about being trans in a beautifully raw, profound, hilarious way. Bravo!” – Jenny, Theatre in Flow

“Genuinely a wonderful piece of theatre. Hilarious, tearful, joyful and more importantly an education and revelation into the life and trials of people in the trans community.  Jaden took us on Jack’s journey with grace, dignity and a good smattering of swearing. An excellent actor, with some great characterisations. We were mesmerised from the start. We came away feeling like better human beings, and with joy filled hearts. If you don’t see this, you are missing something truly special.” – Halifax Playhouse

“Absolutely bloody brilliant bit of theatre. Challenging and articulate and rounded. A great learning tool, too.” – Isolde, Fire and Water Arts

“Phenomenal performance of TRANSPARENCY solo show by Jaden Adams at Halifax Playhouse tonight – a poignant, funny and human story of transition, family and self discovery. Go and see it if you can.” – Marianne, Theatre Maker

“A powerful emotive story about the heartaches and highs of transitioning and love with typical Northern pathos, power & comedy. Exquisitely written and acted by Jaden Adams. Utterly utterly captivating and beautiful.” – Neil

“Spellbinding. Outstanding. Forget the ‘queer’ agenda it’s a love story and a story about family and finding yourself”

“What an incredible performance. This 1 man/woman/boy/nan show has led me on an emotional journey tonight!! If you are someone who just ‘doesnt get it’ someone who is afraid to ask the wrong question or scared you might offend someone. This is THE show for you! Anyone who has questions about what it is to be a trans person, anyone who has just come out as trans, any parents with kids who are questioning or beginning their transition and yes, Edna and Albert who watch Corrie every night. This is THE show for you!! Please, please get a ticket and see this show…. The more cis gender people who see this, the easier it is for people like me to live in the world.” – Hendrix, Coffee4Craig

“Outstanding! I felt a range of emotions. As a cis woman it helped me understand my trans partner better as well as the young people I work with.” A really great, truthful piece of theatre.” – Kate, Brunswick Centre

“Congratulations on the show yesterday, genuinely the best piece of performing art I’ve seen in a very long time, if ever. I don’t think anything has made me cry properly before. Thank you for educating me, you wonderful human beings.” – Sharon

““An emotional often hilarious roller-coaster of emotion from start to finish. Joyous, tearful and eye opening. I loved everything about Jack, everything.” – Anon

“Phenomenal writing and performance encompassing key characters perspectives and questions. Broad yet specific view of what it is to be a trans male.” – Anon

“I cried at least 6 times. It captivated me from the start until the end. It was mind blowing, very emotional, powerful, the best acting I’ve seen in ages!” – Laura