Breakdown Theatre Company brings you Transparency, written and performed by Jaden Adams, with support from an awesome team including mentor Olwen May, writer Mary Cooper and director Francesca Murray-Fuentes.

The Artist

Jaden Adams (he/him) is a trans-male actor who grew up on a council estate in Oldham.

This is his return to the stage following his transition.

He brings you this grounded, real, yet radically expressive performance – one you won’t easily forget! 

* Please note, this show does not represent Jaden’s life or his family.

Our Mission

We want to release the tension around the word ‘transgender’, showing the experience as relatable and human. We want to radically reduce the stigma associated with trans and gender non-conforming people living within everyday communities.

We hope to break down barriers to dialogue around being transgender, with each of the characters bringing different feelings and perspectives and raising broader questions about gender and identity.

The performance opens the door for authenticity and honesty, raising many of the questions that people are not openly asking.

We also deliver workshops to support organisations and communities to explore more perspectives and make decisions that consider all needs and views.

Here are some things audiences have told us…

  • “Absolutely wonderful performance. Heart warming, funny, emotional and beautifully acted. Watching this makes any notion of a ‘debate’ disappear, simply a human trying to find their happiness.”
  • “Absolutely brilliant bit of theatre. Challenging and articulate and rounded. A great learning tool, too.”
  • “I come from a gender critical perspective so it was good to have my views challenged. It’s enlightening and humanising to hear personal stories if you have a very different political opinion.”
  • “Phenomenal performance – a poignant, funny and human story of transition, family and self discovery. Go and see it if you can!”

We hope that this work and the conversations that follow will transcend hate and division, and enable communities to move towards acceptance and understanding.

We hope you will join us. And please spread the word, we would love as many people as possible to join the conversation.

NB If you have access to a space where this could be performed, or if you are an organisation or institution that wants to open up space for discussion around trans inclusion, please get in touch.