If any of the issues explored through Transparency affect you personally, or if you want to know more, you may find the following information helpful…

Where can i find more information and support?

What are common issues trans people are facing?

Not all systems and services are set up for people who are not gender conforming, for example registration forms, health services, toilets, changing rooms etc. There is also significant anti trans and divisive content in the media and forms of hate crime.

There are huge waiting lists for support so most people who transition have to find ways to fund the changes for themselves, including private surgery.

What can I do to help?

You can do the usual things like signing petitions, writing to your MPs, and supporting trans led initiatives. We also believe it is important to open up generative forms of conversation across different views, not allowing ourselves to be divided by the media (as we have been through history by people who are threatened when we unite).

If you know of other resources or information that you think it would be useful for us to share here, please let us know.